Selfie Bot Rentals in New Orleans, LA

Experience the Selfie Bot! The photo booth features interactive animations, robotic drawings, and AI-crafted keepsakes for any event.

How The Magic Happens!

Step 1: 

Guests are greeted with a fun and engaging photo booth experience, lively interactive animations that guide and entertain them throughout the photo-taking process with the iPad.

Step 2: 

The excitement reaches its peak and guests are amazed as a robotic arm brings their photo to life, drawing line by line, right before their eyes. This captivating drawing experience leaves a lasting impression.

Step 3:

This all culminates with a one-of-a-kind keepsake. The robot’s Al-based portrait trace ensures that the final drawing captures the unique characteristics of each individual participant – a unique memento of a special event or occasion.

See Our Selfie Bot in Action!

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